Javascript Bitwise Operators and Algo problem

As a continuation of my study of algorithms, I recently ran into this challenge on LeetCode. When I first read the question below, I was puzzled. I didn’t even know where to begin. Luckily for me, Google exists. I soon read more about binary code and bitwise operators.

My First Algorithm

As a continuation of my dive into algorithms I was fortunate enough to work on an easy LeetCode question with a partner. The prompt is as follows:

Before I do any coding I try my best to analyze what the question is asking and what kind of output that is expected. The examples provided by LeetCode are extremely helpful.

The first steps I took was to set up my function and console logging helps with knowing what data you are working with. These are the next steps I took to solve this problem:

  1. I created a constant “numObject” and set…

I’m excited to finally announce that I am a FlatIron Software Engineer grad! Although I feel proud of completing of my 5 month program, there are many challenges that lie ahead of me. I’m talking applications, networking, resume/cover letter writing, outreach to prospective employers, and of course cultural and technical interviewing! Someone wants to actually test my knowledge in very specific areas and they expect some pretty good answers in an area I am not too familiar with — Algorithms and Data Structures. I hope by sharing my findings you can sharpen your problem solving abilities!

What is an Algorithm?

JavaScript is well known for the plethora of frameworks, libraries, and tools made available to it at a high rate of frequency. Of those frameworks, React is one of the most popular and claimed to be used by almost 10, 000 companies(thats a lot of job opportunities)! Some of the more notable tech giants include:

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Twitter

How To Stand Out From the Crowd

Software development is in high demand and opportunities at the reputable companies is highly competitive. As job seeking developers , we must look for all resources available to level up our game. …

Requesting resources from an API is very common practice and an important feature needed for building modern applications. Whether you’re using your own API or a third-party API, you need a method to make those data requests without slowing your application down. The Fetch API is a very popular tool for speeding up these requests.

Fetch is a browser API for loading structured data, images, and text, asynchronously to update an HTML page. Fetch is built on the promise object which greatly simplifies the code.

The Fetch API provides a fetch() method defined on the window object, which you can…

By now, you have probably heard the term internet cookies. Your first thought might be to think of delicious desserts sprinkled with melty chocolate. But in this case, they are just a useful tool used by internet people. Let’s take some time to learn a few things about this common tool that we all interact with on a daily or even hourly basis.


…Which is something I never would have challenged myself to do, ever. Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing all about learning to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” In this context, truer words have never been spoken. I’m three weeks into the Flatiron Coding bootcamp and its been a hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions (and yet I can wait for that moment when I plummet to the bottom at full speed). On top of all the feels, there are many things left to do and so little time to do them in. …

Seyi Kanagui

Full-Time Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School, avid golfer, and wannabe chef.

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